Thursday, 20 December 2012

Reculver - will we recover?

Gawd blimey 'twas a chill wintery bastard tho' dry on this day we visitz Reculver Towers in Kent. The 12 century  remains looked spooookkkeeee, but we's not scared. 'Cos we's Whippets and bravery runs in our veins. or on our legs. usually AWAY. It was much coldz and our shivery bodikins did much shakin'. ~Ye Gods thank heavens for our coats. What is wrong with our peeps that they even want to look at 12 century ruins on a day like this. Ruined our day.  Surely this is a curl up on the sofa and watch tv day. But no. SHE said letz go to Reculver its a right misty gothick day and it will look all spooky and be ro man tic. wos that mean? well it was. and we did. Enuf said. Me and Muppet need a new owner. A warm sensible owner. GGGGrrrrrrrrrr

Saturday, 11 August 2012

A Bike ride through Deptford

Today again we no go to Greenwich Park. We was faced off  with NO DOGS sign. OL-YM-PICS YOU FOOLZ.
Undeterred cos we running dogs so we offsky  to Deptford where the dogs are BIG and  the edible Land Snails are bigger. Lookz at them. Emmy says yum yum., but i,  muppet sez
'yeah man,  yoose just about fast enough to catch a Land Snail." This is truesay cos Emmy  an old bint of about six now. We asks the shopkeeper do he check every 5 mins to see if the land snails  have one footed it up Deptford hight street. He doesn't laugh. Whateverz.

Then, Quelle Horreur!  our peeps found a Minkie in the market.  We no like it. Grrrr.  4 Minkies in fact. Ladies wear them.  They looked mean at us from the bike basket. It Very old, and it also dead. We say this is bang out of order cos when we catch squirrilz she tells us off big-time. And we don't even wear them, we just chase them cos we born that way. But, said she gonna give it a good home, maybe paint a pix of it,  and show it much respect cos it was once cherished back in the day, and it now stuck among the bits of old computer, broken mobile phones, plastic shoes and land snails.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Emmy and Muppet were deeply dismayed to hear on the BBC (no less) news that there are plans apaw to move the worlds time center to Gay Paree. NON! C'est n'est pas un bonne idee. Its a shite idea - they cried. And just to punctuate the point Emmy did a small full stop, and Muppet a comma- straight in the poo bin with it. That is all we have to say on the subject.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Woofs from a war zone

We's back. we's moved. We now in new hood down by the river in Greenwich. Just in time for big off London riots. Emmy has done much barking and can copy sound of police sirens, but me (muppet to you) don't like it one bit down in the hood and have done much shivering over last few nitz. Scary stuff - our main road was boarded up and Nick had to run the gauntlet to petz r us else we beez hungry. Now that not good, hungry whippets. I don't think so. Here is pixture of us and Her at the end of our road. We hope it looks calm as this again soooon. Byeeeeeeee

Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Walpole Bay hotel Cliftonville

Cos it was over 90 degrees in London, we went offsky to Cliftonville where it was so hot we couldnt walk outside the hotel. Luckily it was the Walpole bay hotel which we thinks has to be seen to be believed. It is really a hotel in a post war Museum. Scary stuff in the middle of the night. oh but was luverly. We had cream teas to look at..mmmm. no leftovers?. gggrrrr. We only went out after dark, to look at the dogs below walking on the water. Gave us the shivers, and then we saw it actually was a wall to a sea swimming pool and the tide had covered it. Walk on Water? eh What?

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Giant whippet spotted in Deal

Muppet the naughty whippet surveys the shingle for beach rabbits at dusk whilst on a short holiday break in Deal.

She was still a little hungry after only getting the end of Mum and Dad's ice creams earlier on in the day. Emmy thought it a little bit naughty of Mum and Dad to tease them with such lovely treats and only to give them the end of the wafers with a little bit of ice cream. Yum

Thursday, 10 June 2010

What happens to old dogs in Weymouth

We still in Weymouth that fateful day below called no room at the Inn. Now we need some X ER SIZE cliff walkies. But hey what is that in the doorway? OMG that is wot 'appens to old dogs in Weymouth - they get put on wheelies for some bratty kidsky to ride on. OH NO. RUNFRIT. Finally we do running of our skinny dogz legs on Chesil Beach, all 7 miles of it. We going back in July for our hols and will tell all our peoples that twitter and facebook about our hotel B and B Weymouth booteak with water and electricity we hopes.